Overview of dog ownership

Dogs have lived with humans for centuries, guarding us, herding our animals, and helping us to hunt. Nowadays they are mainly used for companionship. Having a dog in your life can be a wonderful experience. Apart from the love and companionship, dog owners receive health benefits, typically living longer than those who don't own dogs. Owning a dog is a big responsibility. When you take on a dog, it is your job to care for all their needs. Everything from exercise, bedding, and nutritious food is all under your control. Dogs are animals like us, and therefore subject to a similarly wide variety of diseases and illnesses. Vet bills can put a strain on your budget unless you get you pet insured. Unlike some other pets, dogs have a relatively long life span. Advancements in veterinary medicine, along with improved living conditions, have also lengthened their life considerably. How long your dog will live will depend a lot on its breed, but the usual range is anywhere from seven to fourteen years. It is becoming less uncommon for dogs to live into their late teens. Living with a dog is rewarding, fulfilling, and sometimes demanding, coming with a very real responsibility. That’s why the resources here on getting a dog to suit your needs, day-to-day living with a dog, the cost of dog ownership and more should prove useful.