Transfer of ownership

If you decide to sell an IRISH Kennel Club registered dog, there are certain guidelines you must follow.

First, you will have to complete and sign a Transfer of Ownership application [link to file]. When filling this out, make sure that the microchip number provided is the correct one for the dog concerned.

Make sure to pass on the dog’s IKC Registration Certificate and any other relevant documentation, such as pedigree certification or a microchip form, to the new owner. Inform them of any endorsements or restrictions that may exist on this registration, also.

You must ensure that anyone acquiring a dog from you clearly understands their responsibilities regarding the care and welfare of the animal and provide them with details on all of the dog’s dietary or immunisation requirements.

Remember: according to the IKC’s Code of Ethics, you must not give a dog away as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind.