Since 2006, microchipping has been a requirement for all Irish Kennel Club registered dogs. Microchipping is a simple procedure that allows for easy recovery of lost or stolen animals.

Information from each microchip is stored by IKC-PetData, the largest pet microchip database in Ireland. This information can be accessed at any time by authorised persons such as dog wardens, veterinarians or animal welfare centre professionals, who can scan the chip found in a lost dog and trace their owners.

When a dog is found and the owner is not easily identified, a person can bring the animal to a veterinary practice, warden or animal welfare centre. There, it can be scanned easily and, if an owner's contact details are up-to-date, returned to its owner.

Legal Obligations

If you run a dog breeding establishment, with six or more bitches of over six months in age, you are legally obliged to microchip your pups. Click here to find out more about your legal obligations.